• Angler: Grover C.
  • Lake: LBJ
  • Date: 5/21/17
  • Lure: Rage Craw
  • Weight: 7.71 lbs.



1. Lorne Dornak

2. Mike Briseno138.55
3. Luis Suarez133.17
4. Justin Hallmark123.61
5. Charlie Barnes106.19
6. Will Davenport102.60

2017 Marble Falls Results:

It wasn't even close! Lorne & Mike find them on Marble Falls and weighed in a 10 fish limit for 32.18 lbs. Briseno bags both Big Bass Honors (6.71 lbs.) & Big Bag of the event (21.82 lbs.) Second Place went to Luke Larson and Luis Suarez who fished just up river from the winning team. The rocks and baitfish up the river proved to be the deciding factor in this event. Marble Falls proved to be tricky to navigate with reports of broken skegs and busted props being the talk of the weigh in. Next up, Decker Round 2...

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2017 Decker Results:

Lorne Dornak & Tony Lopez dominate the second Decker Lake event of 2017!! The team reported catching their fish on the warm water side of the lake with wacky rigged senkos. Lorne & Tony targeted reed lines that had hydrilla within the vicinity. Lorne also brought in the only "over" of the event, easily claiming Big Bass of the tourney. Second Place went to Mike Briseno & Luis Suarez who reported catching a majority of their fish early near the discharge. The BSCBC will now set their sights on Lake Travis in October.

  • ​Lake:Travis
  • Day: TBD
  • Date: October 21 or 22, 2017
  • Time: Safe Light - TBD 
  • Type: Regular
  • Ramp: TBD


2017 Big Bass Of the Year:

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