• Angler: Mike Briseno
  • Lake: Falcon
  • Date: 4-16-16
  • Lure: TX Rigged Worm
  • Weight: 9.66 lbs.

2017 Decker Results:

Mike Briseno & Luis Suarez dominate the Decker Lake event! Their combined team weight went 37.00 lbs. The team took home $200 from the 10 boat field. Second place went to Alan & Will Davenport who sacked up 30.96 lbs. Will makes a big move and jumps into 4th place in the AOY race. The Big Bass Pot surprisingly rolls over to our March event on Lake Somerville. The pot has now reached $270! Good luck to the guys at the BASS State Championship on Falcon Lake! We'll see you in March...



1. Mike Briseno

2. Justin Hallmark41.44
3. Jimmy Lynn40.07
4. Will Davenport35.63
5. Jeff Iacheii35.51
6. Lorne Dornak35.38

Next Meeting:

2017 Bastrop Results:

Justin & Mark win the first tourney of the 2017 BSCBC Season! The team decided during the week that they were going to commit to grinding it out in the discharge, and their persistence paid off. The team weighed in 28.32 lbs. to narrowly edge out the Second Place team of Gary & Jimmy who posted 28.08 lbs. The Big Bass Pot once again rolls over to the next event, climbing to $170! Decker is known for it's BIG bass and will more than likely provide a hefty payday for one lucky angler/team next month...

2016 Big Bass Of the Year:



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