Nonprofit / Dual Affiliated Bass Club



  • Angler: Jimmy L.
  • Lake: Belton
  • Date: 1-28-18
  • Lure: A-Rig
  • Weight: 3.68 lbs.



1. Jimmy Lynn

2. Mike Briseno30.23
3. Justin Hallmark28.47
4. Lorne Dornak27.51
5. Charles Barnes25.95
6. Jeff Iacheii24.82

Bastrop Results:

Local Boys Michael Briseno & Luis Suarez win the Lake Bastrop event! The team caught fish early & often on a Whopper Plopper & Berkley Powerbait worms for a team total of 31.26 lbs. They were tailed closely by the team of Justin Hallmark & Mark Webster. The second place team struggled for good bites in the morning but rallied as the front pushed in to weigh 29.69 lbs. The Big Bass Pot of $100 will rollover to the Somerville event in March because a 21" or larger fish failed to hit the scales. Anticipation grows as the Big Sandy Creek prepares for the Somerville Slugfest coming up next month!

Next Meeting:

Belton Results:

The 2018 BSCBC Season has officially begun! Jimmy Lynn & Chris Marcavage waste no time and take the win on Lake Belton! Jimmy broke out the Alabama Rig and went to work, catching both the Big Bass (3.68 lbs.) & Bag (12.51 lbs.) of the event. Second place went to Mike Briseno and Charlie Barnes who weighed in 4 fish for 7.61 lbs. Most of the club anglers will look to shake this event off and hopefully get back on track in February as they set their sights on Lake Bastrop...


2018 Big Bass Of the Year:

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