• Angler: Charles B.
  • Lake: Buchanan
  • Date: 3-24-18
  • Lure: Jig
  • Weight: 9.54 lbs.
  • Uncle Buck's @ BPS
  • October 1, 2018 @ 7 PM 
  • Treasurer's Report
  • Tourney Updates/Results
  • Club shirts & caps discussion
  • BASS Nation & State Dues 
  • New Business

Latest Ne​ws



1. Charlie Barnes

2. Justin Hallmark128.18
3. Luis Suarez99.58
4. Mark Webster97.95
5. Lorne Dornak97.45
6. Mike Briseno94.07

Amistad Results:

Justin & Mark battle back on the border! Three teams made the trek to south Texas & faced heavy downpours in Del Rio. JD & Charlie jumped out to an early lead on Day one with 21.3 lbs. Saturday's Big Bass Honors went to Charlie Barnes with his catch of 4.60 lbs. On day 2 Hallmark & Webster located schooling bass and completed the comeback weighing in 31.81 lbs. over two days. Mark took Sunday's Big Bass Honors with a 2.20 lbs. Lake Amistad largemouth. The BSCBC will be back home next month and will be fishing Inks Lake.

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2018 Big Bass Of the Year:

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Inks Results:

Josh & Luis take the win on Inks Lake! The team found a replenishing rock pile located off the beaten path. The key to success was to drag a Texas rigged blue fleck Powerbait worm extremely slow. Luis Suarez sacked a solid 5.05 lbs. largemouth to secure Big Bass. Second place went to Mike & Mark who weighed in a combined weight of 16.40 lbs. The team targeted rocks as well with flukes and blue fleck colored baits. The club will be making a road trip to fish Lake Limestone in October...